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Law Office of MJ Lee represents businesses of all sizes and individuals for their life-changing opportunities in the matters of U.S. Business and Family Immigration Laws. We are headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with a branch office, d/b/a Visa Biz & Co., in Seoul, Korea.

Our firm specializes in a broad spectrum of U.S. immigration issues from EB1, National Interest Waivers for talented engineers, physicians, and researchers to non-immigrant visa applications for visitors, investors, and students. Based on our plentiful experiences and outstanding work-ethics, our New York and Massachusetts attorneys and staff members provide excellent service to our clients. Whether your issues are small or big, we will not only advocate your cases passionately, but also our firm will provide great care as if we are in your shoes.

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Areas of Practice


Whether your business is a small, medium-sized or multinational corporation, the U.S. market can have a great potential to many corporate entities. How to begin? How to expand its U.S. market?

To launch of your business successfully in the U.S., we assist you and your corporation for variety of matters such as filing related forms, assisting investments, and providing business and tax consultations.


Many of our clients are foreign nationals who are in need of applying non-immigrant and immigrant visa at the U.S. Embassies. Our service is not limited to provide our preparation in front of the USCIS. Instead, our team provides one-stop services from preparing visa application documents and exhibits to organizing visa interviews and deliveries for our valuable clients.


If you have outstanding skills and knowledge in arts, business, science, and engineering, you may be eligible to apply a green card without sponsorship. Based on our plentiful experience in representing clients in similar categories, we suggest the fast and better way to get an approval.

Send your CV/Resume via our email or website for free eligibility assessment. 


Traveling to the U.S. or admitting to the U.S. is not always easy. Visitors should receive proper permission prior to leave for the U.S. The documents to prepare are varied based on previous U.S. stay or criminal history; an individual traveler may need a visitor visa or a simple permission from the U.S. government like ESTA. Not to make any unfortunate circumstances at the port of entry (airport), our team provide legal service related to visa application, admission to the U.S., and inspection.   


We recognize your need of new residency and citizenship. Our firm provides a wide range of legal services for various types of family-based immigration petitions and visa applications on behalf of foreign nationals. Whether applying in the U.S. or applying in foreign countries through its USCIS local offices, our team offers client-focused services.


Many students are eager to study in the U.S. In order to successfully initiate and complete their studies, knowing non-immigrant visa laws and regulations is always a plus. Our firm provides the A-Z guidelines to international students who would like to study in the U.S. for the first time. For continuing students, our team offers excellent advice regarding extension of their lawful status and future job search.


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